Together We Can Carry the Cross in Mexico

Father Angelo Van der Putten, FSSP, has served in our mission in Nigeria since 2013. Although he works tirelessly for his people, he kindly spared a few minutes to chat with Mission Tradition staff recently to update us on the impact our donations are making. We hope his comments will inspire you to support Mission Tradition this Lent.

“We Now See Everything Differently”: How Mission Tradition Is Bringing the Traditional Catholic Faith to Mexico

Millions of souls across Mexico have never assisted at a traditional Latin Mass. But as more and more Mexicans encounter the beauty of tradition, they find it changing their lives for the better. Fr. Daniel Heenan, FSSP, who was ordained in 2014, has spent his entire priesthood working at the FSSP apostolate in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mission Tradition staff recently spoke with Fr. Heenan to get an update on his work in Mexico. Here are highlights of that conversation. We hope his story will inspire you.

“It Rains in the Classroom”: How Mission Tradition Is Persevering to Teach Children in Colombia

People in the poorest areas of Colombia have traditionally leaned on their Catholic faith to guide them through life’s hardships. But as dangerous ideologies invade these regions, it’s becoming common to meet Catholics who no longer practice the faith and believe that their safest path to happiness is to make more money. That’s why Mission Tradition is sharing the traditional Catholic faith by operating St. Dominic Savio Rural School in Anolaima,Colombia.